LICON URBAN LIGHT intelligent 2.0 solution

LICON URBAN LIGHT intelligent 2.0 solution

Urban Lighting IoT Solution

LICON urban lighting intelligent 2.0solution is composed of a three-layer structure of the upper control center(cloud platform, the lighting central controller in the middlelayer, and the single-light controller in the lower layer.

The system is compatible with variouscommunication methods to achieve Full coverage and large integration of thecity's lighting facilities. Among them, the first and second layers use GPRS /CDMA / 4G public network or WiFi wireless LAN communication; the second andthird layers use PLC carrier or ZigBee wireless shortrange communication; thefirst and third layers can also use NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things orpublic network Direct communication.

The full-featured LSC8 series lightingcentralized controller is installed in the street light distribution cabinet,and is used for all-round monitoring of street light lines and distributioncabinets (including switch control, power monitoring, cable leakage protectionand disconnection alarm, access control management, etc.), and Through theSLH3P / 3Z single lamp concentrator, it communicates with the SLC1 / 2/3 seriessingle lamp controller installed on the lamp holder / pole to realize thecentralized management of the single lamp; the LSC6 / 7 series lighting centralcontroller can be used for night scene lighting It can also be used for streetlighting monitoring in simple scenarios; and the SSC5 series securitycentralized controller can form an independent street lighting facilitysecurity monitoring system. On the OLM / OLC platform software or mobile APP,users can easily implement centralized monitoring and unified management of thecity's street lights and night scenes, and achieve the purpose of intelligenturban lighting, energy saving, and efficiency. Using scientific and reasonableswitching light control strategy and dimming, variable power and othermeasures, power saving can reach more than 30%.

System structure diagram:


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