IoT solutions for Aera lighting

IoT solutions for Aera lighting

 Area Lighting IoT Solution

Program overview:Regional lighting includes various types of parks, factories, campuses, communities, scenic spots, airports, ports, stations, railway marshalling stations, bridges, tunnels, and small towns and other outdoor lighting venues built and managed by the owners. The lighting range of these outdoor venues is relatively small compared to urban lighting, but it plays a vital role in people's work and life at night, and it also dresses up a beautiful night scene.Due to the limitation of funds or technology, the area lighting mostly adopts decentralized clock or manual control. The switch lights are uncertain and unscientific, and the electric energy is wasted. It is impossible to realize centralized monitoring and unified management. Different from city lighting, based on advanced Internet of Things and cloud platform technology, we have proposed a set of convenient and affordable version 2.0 regional lighting IoT solutions without a control center. In this solution, LSC6 series lighting controllers are used for single-phase lighting circuits, and LSC7 series lighting controllers are used for centralized management of three-phase lighting circuits and single lamps. These devices are directly inserted into the cloud after card insertion and scanning. The OLC cloud platform ( provides background computing, control and storage services. Owners can easily achieve intelligent control and energy consumption management of area lighting through the mobile APP. The power saving can reach more than 30%, and the benefit is remarkable.

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